Microsoft Support: What are the minimum system requirements in Windows 95?

Windows 95 is a consumer-oriented OS developed by Microsoft. It featured prominent improvements over its predecessor Windows 3.1 which is most notably in the GUI and in its simplistic plug-and-play feature. It introduced a redesigned shell based on a metaphor to hold shortcuts to applications, files as well as folders.

The minimal hardware requirements for Microsoft Windows 95 are:

  1. PC with a 386DX or a high processor which must run the DOS operating system version 3.2 and the further versions.
  2. It must be comprised of 4 Megabyte of memory
  3. At least 70 megabytes of available hard disk space is requisite for installation. The standard requirement may vary based upon the characteristics that you co-opt to load. UITS advises that the user must have a minimum of ten percent of the drive free for reducing the errors and fragmentation; that is why hold for hundred megabytes free on the drive of 1 gigabyte.
  4. One 3.5” full density disk drive or a Compact disk read only memory drive.
  5. Video Graphic Array or a higher resolution graphic card.

These were the hardware in bits that one must hold within the system. Beyond these are few characters that are required by the applications, which are-

  • Suitable pointed device
  • Latest fax device
  • An audio-card or speaker that is needed for the sound

For procuring the entire benefits for protective multitasking, the system must have 32-bit Window based program such as those products which are bearing the design of Windows 95 logo.
For further information and problems while installing such version, call our support team at Microsoft Customer Service Canada 1-844-888-3870 and get relieved with the issues instantly. We are 24 hours and 7 days available, so you must ping us anytime and we will swoop in like a magic to rectify your queries with the best possible solutions in a stipulated time frame.

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